Commissioned Screenplays/Books


SMILE: The Life of a Nisei, by Smile Kamiya, written by Stacy Thunes


AKRAM, Based on the true story by Akram Arastehjoo,
Screenplay by Stacy Thunes


THIS AIN’T HARVARD, Based on the true story by Ray Bourhis,
Screenplay by Stacy Thunes


GRETA, based on a true story by Ben Markus,
Screenplay by Stacy Thunes




CASCADE VILLE, Screenplay by Cornelia Nikel and Ruth Gabriel,
English translation from the German by Stacy Thunes


VARIOUS television shows, cartoons, and films for the German market, including UNCLE BUCK and TAXI.


SPIDES, science fiction thriller series by Rainer Matsutani


Original Screenplays (as yet unproduced)


MOUNT JOY, by Stacy Thunes


WHEELBARROW WORLD, Story by Stacy Thunes,
Screenplay by Stacy Thunes and Sherry Strub (also in novel form)


THE DISINTERESTEDS, Story by Stacy Thunes,
Screenplay by Stacy Thunes and Sherry Strub


WRITER’S BLOCK, by Stacy Thunes


THE LAST PARTY, Story by Lauand Omar,
Screenplay by Lauand Omar and Stacy Thunes


THE DISBELIEVERS, Screenplay by Stacy Thunes and Trevor Peters


REAL WOMEN, TV Pilot by Stacy Thunes (in Pre-Production)



Musicals / Music


ROCK STAR, The Jimi Hendrix Musical That Will Never Be Made,
by Reggie Worthy and Stacy Thunes


Original and commissioned song lyrics.




MAMAROSH, by Moma Mrdacovic




"Stacy worked with my 93 year old father on his memoir. She connected well with him and was able to get
 him to share many of his most poignant and meaningful life experiences with her. She did an excellent job of bringing out his distinctive voice and perspective through her writing. His experiences came alive through her writing 
and we have those memories written down to pass on. I’m also very 
grateful that through this memoir project, Stacy helped draw my 
father out, lifted his mood, and 
lessened his feelings of isolation.” Sumi Kamiya, Sunnyvale, California

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